Custom Event Solutions

We tailor custom event solutions for associations, foundations, societies, training programs, corporations, tradeshows, and conferences, as well as large venue meetings and other events. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner meeting for 15 guests or an annual conference with over 15,000 attendees, Events America™ is the smart event solutions choice.

Custom Event Solutions

Dinner Meetings & Product Launches

Events America™ is an industry leader in this domain, and we facilitate thousands of dinner meetings each year. Leveraging our national resources, we have created a formula that has a proven 99.9% success rate. We create custom national ordering solutions, each built to suit unique client needs. This makes the ordering process both seamless and flawless; in fact, many of our clients have remarked on how simple the ordering process is.

We will dedicate a sales professional to your event, who will work as your single point of contact nationally. You will also have live telephone access to our team 24/7/365. Your equipment will be hand-delivered, set up, and supported locally in each city.

Nationwide pricing is something we take pride in: consistent pricing, right across the country, means there are no cost surprises. All of your equipment is tested prior to each event, guaranteeing a successful event experience. The process is simple, yet effective - and, most importantly, it gives you, the client, peace of mind.

Dinner Meetings and Product Launches

Site Surveys & Analysis

We conduct thousands of site surveys across the United States each year - Events America™ is an expert in this arena. We give our clients the ease of having a single point of contact in choosing from a diverse inventory of venues, hotels, and restaurants. From remote locations to major cities across the country, we have you covered.

Site Surveys and Analysis


Event success requires the right personnel. The 20+ years of experience that Events America™ brings to the table is unparalleled. We provide our clients with a full slate of human resources, including:

  • Audio–visual technicians
  • Audio technicians
  • Video technicians
  • Technical directors
  • Camera operators
  • Cinema camera operators
  • Stage hands
  • Lighting technicians
  • Computer and network technicians

From remote locations to major cities across the United States, we have you covered.


Our mission is to provide our clients with a concierge-level of service, reliability, consistency & attention to detail on a National level.

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